Here’s my work from the Wes Anderson art show, curated by Nico Colaleo. Super proud that it sold. Yeah construction paper!

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Took a quick hour drive this weekend to play in some snow - in what was technically still Los Angeles! 

One of the many reasons I love this state. 

Angeles National Forest | 3.1.14

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The lovely Kira Hesser and I had a few spare hours last Thursday and no sound equipment, so we came up with this idea and shot it on the spot! Ch-ch-check it out! 

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Anza-Borrego & Salvation Mountain | 2.6.14


Our RoboCop Remake - Full Movie

Alright! We’ve released our manic multi-filmmaker RoboCop remake it it’s entirety online and for free. So here it is. Based on the original 1987 RoboCop, filmmakers remade their individual scenes however they wanted. 108-minutes. 60 little scenes. A great group of filmmakers put some amazing work into this thing, so hope you load it on your Apple TV or XBox or computer, kick back with some kettle corn, and enjoy it. 

Dave Seger’s a genius for putting this together and im so happy I got to be apart of it!

So good! 


Morals & Ethics

How did i miss this? This is great. 

Here’s my finale episode of 6 degrees!

It’s kinda hard to believe I started writing this show almost a year ago.  It was my first attempt at a 101 show and I would have never guessed it would go this far.  And I really can’t thank everyone enough for all their acting, shooting, writing advice all along the way.  This was a huge learning experience for me and I couldn’t have done it with out all you cool cats.

So thanks everyone! 101 is the best, you guys. Just the best. 


So OUR ROBOCOP REMAKE exists now. It’s a real thing that’s all in one place and sitting on the computer at The Downtown Independent.

Running time 1 hr 46 minutes, but there’s like 5-minutes plus of ending credits, so it’s more like 1 hr 40 minutes.  I’m feeling pretty optimistic about it - it’s total madness and you probably won’t fully appreciate it if you haven’t watched the original RoboCop recently - but it’s a fun dumb thing and I absolutely love it. 

Pretty ladies, pretty makeup, pretty photos. 

Models: Kate Freund, Rachel Adams

Makeup: Nikki Marrone

Photos: Jennifer Ruiz

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6º Episode 5 - *Halloween Special*

Oh man, I had been secretly wanting to make a Halloween episode forever, and I’m so happy it all came together!  Thank you to all the super cool people that helped me on this one. Especially Nikki for her amazing sfx makeup and Shane for helping me shoot and light, and making it look way better than I ever could have, and to everyone who helped act, or got in a trash can, or let me put weird makeup on you and pull you across a floor.  You’re all the best!!  

The October screening was my favorite, so make sure to check out all the spooky and really great Channel101 shows!  


Written & Directed by Jennifer Ruiz

Narration by Freddy Gillot

Camera by Shane Houghton, Jennifer Ruiz

Starring - Justin Lazernik - 1º, Brady Novak - 2º, Pumpkin - 3º, Rachel Adams - 4º, Davey Johnson - 5º, Hannah Kasulka - 6º, Ashley Wolff 

Makeup by Nikki Lee Marrone

Dead Folks & Friends - Madeline Schichtel, Nikki Lee Marrone, Mia Matsumiya, Alex Kavutskiy, Ariel Gardner

Produced by Cory Garcia & Madeline Shichtel

Special Thanks to Drew Hancock, Nikki Lee Marrone, Erika Paget

Edited by Jennifer Ruiz

Music by Dead Man’s Bones


Tonight! Come check out the fourth episode of 6 Degrees, screening at the Downtown Independent, alongside 9 other super cool shows! And its freeeeee.  So what’s not to like? Except my show.  You might not like my show. But that’s ok, there’s 9 others!  

(via starline)

Holy crap this makes my day!!!! Thanks Vimeo!!!!


Here’s the second episode of 6 degrees. Thanks so much to everyone who helped out on this and who voted it back on saturday.  It really means a lot to me! You can watch all the other great 101 shows here

Written & Directed by Jennifer Ruiz

Starring Wendy McColm

Narration by Freddy Gillot

Featuring Sarah Dryden, Patrick Hayle, Ellie Culp, Casey Donahue, Chuck McCarthy + Aaron Moles and Kelly Walker

Special Thanks to Shane Houghton, Cory Garcia, Sophie Arnold - Bluestone, Phillip VanWagoner, Drew Hancock, Casey Donahue, Wendy McColm, Aaron Moles, Erika Paget, Madeline Schichtel, Dylan Chudzynski, Aaron Bleyaert, Andrew Meridith

Shot & Edited by Jennifer Ruiz

Made for Channel101 

The second episode of 6º is playing at the Downtown Independent tonight with a bunch of really great shows for Channel101. Come check them out!

Fun fact: That stack of newspapers cost me 13 dollars!  No wonder no one gets the newspaper anymore! 

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